Catering services and Pop-up Restaurant serving central Washington and Greater Seattle.

Our story:

Our fondest childhood memories are hosting family and friends around the kitchen, pairing food with laughter and conversation. When we started our own family, and immigrated to the Pacific Northwest, we carried on this tradition and brought our Spanish and Latin American roots with us.

Driven by our passion for food, culture, and good company, we founded Sur 16 restaurant, our first brick and mortar restaurant located in Capitol Hill, then founded Los Azulejos Kitchen to share our family recipes with a modern twist.

We love to partner with local businesses, while honoring the unique flavors of the Spanish and Mexican ingredients.

About our star dish: paella

The first paella is believed to have originated in Valencia, one of the oldest cities in of Spain located on the Mediterranean coast. Valencia has been one of the most significant rice-producing regions in Spain since its Arab origins. In fact, the word arroz (rice) is derived from the Arabic word “al-ruzz”. Paella is a perfect cultural union of Arabic rice, Mediterranean ingredients, and the Roman cooking pan. 

Using their harvested rice and whichever other ingredients were at hand, the Valencian farmers traditionally cooked paella over a wood fire. These ingredients included tomatoes, onions, snails, even beans for flavor and texture. For special occasions, rabbit and chicken were added. 

Los Azulejos prides in the Spanish origins of our family recipe passed down for generations to the plate you see in front of you.

Pop-Up Restaurant

Pop-up restaurants are temporary restaurants hosted in various spaces, such as existing restaurants, bars, wineries, and different locations. Our pop-up restaurant concept can take the form of everything from an exclusive one-night takeover of a neighborhood restaurant to a food tent open for a few months at a local winery and can provide a full experience based on the menu.

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